Purple wallpaper

If you are looking for peace and harmony with a sense of luxury and elegance, purple wallpaper is what should adorn your walls. At Midbec Tapeter you will find a large selection of purple wallpapers.

Lovely light purple wallpaper

Relive warm memories of summer’s very own melody where the soothing hum of bees harmonizes with blooming lavender. A feeling to carry with you all year round by bringing in the lovely light purple tones in the form of a wallpaper. Light purple gives the room a calm impression that creates an opportunity for peace and recovery, therefore purple wallpaper is especially good in the children’s room or bedroom.

Elegant dark purple wallpaper

But a dark purple wallpaper can easily create an elegant living room or bedroom with an inviting and cozy feel. Feel free to mix in materials such as velvet, silk and details in gold to get a room with extravagance. Dark purple requires a room with space where the color can blossom and take over.

How to decorate with purple

  • Choose a light purple wallpaper for a calm and soothing impression
  • For an elegant room, dark purple wallpaper is the best
  • Choose your floral purple wallpaper depending on what kind of feeling you want the room to convey
  • Purple fits perfectly as an accent color in a wallpaper.

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