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Kidsroom wallpaper


  • Tips for creating a positive feeling in the children’s room

    • Use soft and calm colors and patterns in small rooms; they will open the room.
    • Include elements that the child has created on the wall such as paintings, drawings, or a collection skatter som stenar eller fossiler.
    • If you have chosen a wallpaper with a lot of patterns and colors, meet this with stylish, simple furniture.
    • Choose colorful children’s wallpaper, but avoid garish patterns.

    Osäker på hur du ska tänka på när du inreder barnens rum? Läs artikeln Fem tips på hur du inreder ett barnrum.




  • Encourage creativity with patterned wallpaper

    We know that imagination and creativity are closely linked. So patterns that stimulate the imagination therefore also promote creativity. Among the colors that increase creativity are orange, green, blue, purple and violet. Wallpaper patterns with interconnected elements (symbols, shapes and vehicles) or narrative features (for example, landscapes with animals or fairy-tale characters) encourage your child to think and create their own stories or use the wallpaper as a background for adventurous games.

    Ability to learn

    With fun and fairy-tale wallpapers, they can exercise all their senses. Geometric wallpaper patterns help children of all ages with increased ability to learn. Even babies are fascinated by simple shapes, and as the child gets older they can become more complex.




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