Björn Nilsson

Kalk Berga - 61029

If you are looking for a sophisticated and industrial style, then this popular gray melange wallpaper in lime imitation could be something for you. The wallpaper creates a raw feeling with elements of luxury and flair. The gray lime wallpaper is easy to combine and goes well with many other colours.


Small-patterned rhombus wallpaper with a light gray background. The pattern falls almost like a chain filled with sparkling diamonds and creates an elegant and stylish expression. As the pattern is subtle, the wallpaper will fit in all rooms of the home. Kitchen, living room, bedroom or hall? Completely up to you. The design was created by Björn Nilsson and you can find it in four earthy colors.


With a classic green checkered wallpaper, you can easily get the country kitchen, the living room that just oozes cosiness or the home office with a traditional English atmosphere. A checkered wallpaper gives you a timeless design that will stand up, year after year. You can see the checkered design in five different muted shades.


Add an elegant, sophisticated look to your walls with this stylish and flexible pattern. Greige (grey beige) striped wallpaper with a calm and balanced color palette. The vertical lines in varying thicknesses help to create the illusion of height in the room. Comes in a total of four colorways.


Let a brown floral wallpaper with warm copper tones decorate your walls. This stately hibiscus brings a rusty rustic feel to the room. The warm color scheme will create a welcoming expression for you and your guests. Available in 6 colors.


The wallpaper with a small floral pattern in a neutral color scale is the perfect addition to create a sense of calm in your space. The stylized plants climb in a repeating pattern which enhances the feeling of relaxation and calm. You will find the design in five additional colorways.

Kalk Sala - 61001

A plain, light wallpaper with a chalk-like surface reminiscent of a beautiful mottled wall. The wallpaper is light beige and has a vinyl surface that makes the wallpaper feel exciting and alive. A calm tone that fits into all rooms of the home and provides a nice balance.

Collection Annuell

This is the collection for those who want a warm and welcoming home. In Annuell you will find fine small-patterned wallpapers that give a calm and calming impression, beautiful hibiscus, classic stripes and tartan-like patterns. Soft muted shades of fog blue, grey-green tones and warm musty colors create a collection adapted to our Nordic homes. Annuell’s patterns and plain surfaces are based on the KALK collection, which is now supplemented with more pleasant colors.

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