Hanna Wendelbo

Henry - 51024

Enjoy the summer as long as you can. The wallpaper Henry with its beautiful green trellis pattern fills the room with warm summer feelings and you can almost touch the joyful feeling. Henry likes to hang out in the kitchen or dining room, but is also nice in other rooms and spaces. Created by Hanna Wendelbo.

Ludvig - 51019

Decorate the wall with beautiful flowers. The Ludvig wallpaper has a beautiful floral pattern where tulips and bluebells play the main role together with beautifully detailed foliage. The pattern is hand-drawn by Hanna Wendelbo and with its fantastic shade of white and blue, Ludvig reflects the light in the room in an incomparable way.

Marguerite - 51002

The Marguerite wallpaper stands for summer and sings out a beautiful summer melody throughout the home. The wallpaper brings a wonderful feeling and you feel warm all over. With wonderful happy shades of green and pink, the room is transformed into a summer paradise.

Alva - 51031

Create an inspiring children's room with a lovely vintage feel. This cute light pink wallpaper is perfect for a child's room. With winding flowers and leaves, the Alva wallpaper creates a cosy feeling in the room. You'll find the cute pattern in more colorways, designed by Hanna Wendelbo.

Evert - 51015

The delicious wallpaper Evert has a small trellis pattern that takes over the entire wallpaper, here with a light blue background and a pattern in white. The color combination is fantastic and creates a paradise-like home. The same summery wallpaper pattern is available in five color schemes.

Hilma - 51026

Catch the summer and enjoy beautiful twisting branches with green leaves in the company of small pink flowers and yellow butterflies looking for nectar. With the wallpaper Hilma, you get a calm and stress-free existence with a lovely aura in the room. Hilma is available in three colors and is designed by Hanna Wendelbo.

Vivvi - 51007

Extend the summer feeling indoors with the wallpaper Vivvi. Give the home a summery update with this wonderful small patterned wallpaper. Vivvi has a warm green base and a beautiful hand-drawn French lily-like pattern in green that creates a calm and inviting feeling. The wallpaper is available in five different color schemes.

Rosa - 51008

This large-flowered wallpaper Rosa takes the room by storm. A large, beautiful foliage surrounds the large flowers and the pattern powerful effect. The wallpaper is in a consistently light gray tone, which means that in its own way it does not completely dominate the room, but with its large pattern makes a statement.

Wallpaper Collection Blomstermåla

Your home is your quiet oasis, here you will find peace and quiet. Seasons come and go, but homeliness remains. The patterns in the Blomstermåla wallpaper collection embed your home in a warm, harmonious feeling. The color scale is soft and emotional with a strong anchoring in the Nordic nature, to always accentuate the season that is there outside our windows. A wallpaper collection designed by Hanna Wendelbo.

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