Björn Nilsson


Create abstract walls with life. With a geometric patterned wallpaper, you get the best of both worlds. This green wallpaper has an abstract green pattern which gives a lively feeling and a nice depth while bringing emotions to life. A fantastic wallpaper that fits well in the living room, library or study.


Create a romantic feeling in the kitchen or dining room with a beautiful wallpaper that invites you to lovely dinners. This beautiful green wallpaper with its floating green leaves captures the moment and forms a pleasant place. The wallpaper fits in any room where you want a calm and harmonious feeling.


A cool wallpaper with a geometric pattern in a golden metallic effect that gives the room a touch of luxury and flair. The dark blue background creates depth in the wallpaper and, together with the golden tone, forms a perfect combination. The wallpaper fits in any room where you want an exclusive feeling.


Here we have a cozy gray dotted wallpaper that sets the mood in the room. From a distance, it can be perceived as a single color, but close inspection reveals the comprehensive pattern that extends over the entire surface. With its dotted pattern, the wallpaper gives a cozy feeling and is available in several color combinations.


With this wallpaper, you get a neutral and light feeling in the home. The wallpaper contributes with an airy impression and has a tendency to open up the room. For an extra effective feeling, wallpaper the wallpaper in a room with a lot of light. The wallpaper is available in several beautiful colors and is designed by Björn Nilsson.


This green beautiful wallpaper creates a cozy feeling on the wall. The beautiful foliage covers the entire surface of the wallpaper and forms a nice combination together. A wallpaper that has an old-fashioned and rural feel about it, but which fits just as well in the cottage in the country as in the big city apartment.


If you want a classic gray wall in combination with retro, then this wallpaper could be something for you. The wallpaper has a gray background with a beautiful pattern in retro style. The wallpaper fits in all rooms and is easy to combine with the rest of the decor as it is so neutral. Available in more colors.


The Design collection consists of 7 different patterns inspired by major cities around the world – New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris and beautiful classic London. It is a collection with modern designs that give a harmonious as well as trendy feeling. The collection does not dominate the room but complements the room and its other furnishings.

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