Björn Nilsson


A cool wallpaper with a geometric pattern in a golden metallic effect that gives the room a touch of luxury and flair. The dark blue background creates depth in the wallpaper and, together with the golden tone, forms a perfect combination. The wallpaper fits in any room where you want an exclusive feeling.


Here we have a cozy gray dotted wallpaper that sets the mood in the room. From a distance, it can be perceived as a single color, but close inspection reveals the comprehensive pattern that extends over the entire surface. With its dotted pattern, the wallpaper gives a cozy feeling and is available in several color combinations.


If you want to create a wall that does not dominate the room but still contributes a more luxurious feeling, then this wallpaper could be something for you. The wallpaper has a neutral shade of beige and white that will spice up any wall, at the right level. The wallpaper has a diffuse pattern that easily penetrates and creates a nice contrast.


This wallpaper is perfect for those who want a wallpaper that enlivens the room but still maintains the neutral and calm feeling. The wallpaper comes in shades of white and beige and has a beautiful silver leaf pattern.


A clean wallpaper with an old-fashioned feel that invites you to a romantic and cozy place. The wallpaper has a white background with a beautiful undulating gray foliage. The wallpaper with its soft fine shade creates a good balance and is perfect in any room where you want a harmonious feeling.


This geometrically patterned wallpaper in shades of beige and gray creates an abstract feel in the room with a lovely touch of retro. Make the living room a cozy place or create a sophisticated library with the wallpaper. The same wallpaper pattern is available in three additional colorways.


With this wallpaper you get a lovely retro style at home. Retro is something that never really goes out of time, decorate and fix a retro feeling with the wallpaper as a starting point. The wallpaper has a slight shade of gray and green and conveys a sense of calm. The pattern is available in several colorways and was created by Björn Nilsson.


The Design collection consists of 7 different patterns inspired by major cities around the world – New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris and beautiful classic London. It is a collection with modern designs that give a harmonious as well as trendy feeling. The collection does not dominate the room but complements the room and its other furnishings.

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