Hanna Wendelbo

Juliet - 39031

A vibrant pattern with a calm color choice. A floral wallpaper in a rustic Scandinavian design is what we see in the Juliet pattern. A matte gray base is embellished by a white climbing flora supported by both twigs and leaves to create a balanced and neutral impression.

Flora - 39008

The combination of a subtle light blue shade and a speckled white flower makes something completely exceptional for any room it ends up in. There is so much soul in this pattern and it will be reflected in your home. The pattern is available in 4 more muted colorways.

Josefin - 39002

Charming, light blue floral wallpaper, rustic right down to the fingertips. This hand-painted pattern "Josefin" is enhanced by the tranquil color palette designer Hanna Wendelbo chose to use. The sweet little berries in the wallpaper pattern blend in with the small flowers and create a cozy impression.

Arthur - 39028

Create a botanical and cozy feeling in the room with a dark green floral wallpaper. The Arthur wallpaper has a wonderful way of welcoming you into the room. Suitable for example in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms.

Fridolf - 39011

An enchanting striped design in an earthy color scheme consisting of beige, white and grey-green. Striped walls suit many different styles and interiors, everything from a cozy villa in the country to a classic turn-of-the-century apartment in the old parts (the heart) of Gothenburg. The pattern is called Fridolf and fits well in, for example, your hall, bedroom or living room.

Saga - 39014

Let a minimalist wallpaper with small leaves in beige decorate your walls. This wallpaper with a neutral, cool palette in the Saga pattern creates a calm feeling in your home. Bring a calming feeling into your kitchen, bedroom or children's room. Browse through 5 different color schemes.

Dara - 39021

Brown floral wallpaper filled with poppy seed pods, dog biscuits, chamomile and mixed grass blades in white and burgundy. A warm brown base with red undertones creates a cozy feel to the room. This hand-drawn pattern is available in five colorways.


With inspiration from the red house by the sea, Hanna Wendelbo has drawn a collection of patterns that can dress the walls of this home. The Havsblick collection contains both small-patterned and large-patterned wallpapers, which together form a beautiful harmony for all rooms in the home.

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