Hanna Wendelbo

Kaprifol - 12308

The flowery wallpaper "Kaprifol" translate Honeysuckle, is adorned with beautiful small bouquets of honeysuckle, rose hips, and tinkling bluebells. Here you see the wallpaper in a cool and restful color scheme in blue, white, and green-blue against a subdued light green background.

Vårblommor - 12317

Spring feelings are bubbling in the whole body when coltsfoot, bluebell, and snowdrop start to peek out along the roadside. In the pattern Spring Flowers, the flowers together form a delightful medallion-like pattern in light tones of yellow, green, and blue against a white background.

Fleur - 12311

Let's create memories of summer, strawberries, and bees. Fleur, with its timeless charm, adorns the walls with cowslip, forget-me-not, tulip, and daisy for a decorative and lighthearted expression. Here in a bright and welcoming color scheme with warm tones of green, blue, yellow, and red against a warm beige background.

Adam - 12325

Lovely Adam, a calming wallpaper where the light foliage meets a warm, muted green background. A restful and beautiful wallpaper with a delicate, romantic pattern that, thanks to its color scheme, imparts a rustic feel to the room.

Tulpandans - 12316

Förvandla ditt hem till en mjuk och pudrig dröm. Tulpandans är ett levande och lekfullt mönster med blommor från sommarens rabatter. Färgställningen är behaglig och mild i ljusa nyanser av blått, grönt, gult och orange mot en vit botten.

Krasseslinga - 12305

Krasseslinga is a wallpaper with a lively and flourishing pattern where flowers and leaves in rounded shapes give the room a kind and harmonious impression. The dark color scheme, with its great elegance, makes the wallpaper's green-yellow flowers pop in contrast to the dark gray background.

Fridolf - 39011

An enchanting striped design in an earthy color scheme consisting of beige, white and grey-green. Striped walls suit many different styles and interiors, everything from a cozy villa in the country to a classic turn-of-the-century apartment in the old parts (the heart) of Gothenburg. The pattern is called Fridolf and fits well in, for example, your hall, bedroom or living room.

Juliet - 39031

A vibrant pattern with a calm color choice. A floral wallpaper in a rustic Scandinavian design is what we see in the Juliet pattern. A matte gray base is embellished by a white climbing flora supported by both twigs and leaves to create a balanced and neutral impression.

Julia - 27010

With the wallpaper Julia and its sweet pattern of meadow flowers in pink, red and yellow, you are transported to a lively summer meadow. The sun's early morning rays hits your cheeks and the night's dew lies like small beautiful glass beads on the green clear petals. A beautiful wallpaper that transforms the room into a summer dream.

Snövit - 77012

Snövit (snow white) is a white plain wallpaper with a slight warm tone in it. The wallpaper gives a bright and crisp impression in the room while adding warmth.

Collection Långenäs

As I observe the world around me, from the tiniest leaf to the most magnificent flowers, my imagination is set free. Throughout the year, I borrow flowers and foliage from my garden, bringing them to my work desk where I study them with a careful eye. Then, with pencil in hand, I delicately sketch their every curve and contour onto paper, capturing their essence in graphite.

Each stroke is imbued with passion and dedication, as I strive to capture a lasting beauty in my work. It is a slow and patient process, a process that is worth the effort, as each pattern is crafted with an eye towards timelessness, meant to become a cherished and integral part of your home.

There is nothing more romantic or classic than the art of hand-painted patterns, where every detail is lovingly crafted, line by line. I believe that each piece in this collection has the power to add warmth and richness to any home, evoking a sense of timeless elegance that will endure for years to come.

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