Björn Nilsson

Secret Garden - 19105

The Secret Garden pattern takes over the wall in the room and creates a dramatic feeling. With a lovely touch of the Moroccan, the wallpaper takes us to the palace of dreams. Secret Garden is available in five different colorways, here you see it in a neutral shade, the lovely pattern goes in beige and lands against a light gray background.

Medina - 19121

Create a classic home with the Medina checkered wallpaper. A pattern that lasts year after year and creates an elegant and sophisticated room. The wallpaper brings a lovely warmth and community. Medina is available in three colors, here you see it in grey.

Lynniber - 19114

This oat-colored wallpaper has a harmonious pattern of small leaves in a white shade. A wallpaper in Scandinavian style that gives a sense of calm with its timeless pattern and fits in many different rooms. The wallpaper is called Lynniber and is available in four different colors.

Kalk Berga - 61030

A plain dark gray lime wallpaper with a melange pattern that adds depth and shapes the home to a sophisticated style. The discreet structure gives the wall a lively and effective expression while creating a sense of calm. This chalk wallpaper is available in several colors and was created by Björn Nilsson.

Kalk Sala - 61036

Like a dark and clear blue night sky, this chalk wallpaper embraces you by storm. With its chalk paint-like surface, the wallpaper is reminiscent of a raw concrete wall. The wallpaper has a discreet melange pattern that gives the wallpaper a more lively expression.


A classic wallpaper in a pleasant light color and small structure that brings life to the walls. This wallpaper from the Passion collection is the obvious choice as an alternative to the sterile white painted walls.

Leksand - 19112

Surround yourself and your home with beautiful wallpapers that give a feeling of Swedish traditions. The wallpaper Leksand takes you to Dalarna and its fantastic nature. The wallpaper has a gray background and a blue undulating foliage that stretches across the wallpaper and is met by red and white flowers.

Bahia - 19119

The wallpaper Bahia has a stately flower and leaf pattern that has an attractive effect. The wallpaper has a beige base with a pattern in a light beige tone. Create an elegant room with Bahia and let the creativity in terms of other interior design flow freely.

Zagora - 19107

Zagora has a beautiful pattern that makes the wallpaper elegant. The pattern invites you to a feeling of luxury and elegance and all of a sudden you find yourself inside a beautiful Moroccan palace. The wallpaper Zagora is available in four colors, here with a light gray base and a pattern in beige and gray.

Rättvik - 19125

With the Rättvik checkered wallpaper, the room gets a cozy character. The pattern is reminiscent of Scottish tartan, which makes the room look more dressed up, almost in the feel of textiles. Rättvik is available in three colors. Here you see the wallpaper in a classic green background with a checkered pattern in white and brown.

Wallpaper with influences from Marrakech

En hyllning till de marockanska och svenska traditionerna! Med inspiration från olika delar av världen; från exotiska Marrakech till svenska Dalarna. Känn doften, mystiken och livsstilen som blandas med de genuina nordiska hantverkstraditionerna. Björn Nilsson tar oss med till Marrakechs vackra trädgårdar och dess fantastiska palats. Mönstren andas inspiration från palatsens storartade väggar och magnifika tak.

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