Hanna Wendelbo

Rosengång - 43106

With a touch of the 20s, the Rosengång pattern creates a romantic atmosphere in the room. A floral wallpaper with beautiful little roses and with an old-fashioned expression that can be enhanced or muted with the help of the room's other furnishings entirely according to your own taste. The contemporary color scheme of the wallpaper in gray-blue gives the room a gentle appearance.

Trädgårdsblommor - 43119

From bud to blossom. On the Trädgårdsblommor wallpaper, the fluffy poppy bud slowly opens to become a beautiful stately flower that slowly sways in the wind. On a calm green background, the magnificent poppy bursts into soft pink flowers. A blooming wallpaper that brings a pleasant calm to the room.

Nyponros - 43111

These sweet little flowers have been captured by Hanna on her watercolor paper to decorate your walls. With a creamy white base and roses and leaves in rust red and blue green, the wallpaper creates a light and airy room with a soft appearance.

Jordgubbar - 43123

On the wallpaper jordgubbar with a greige background, you can almost feel the taste of the sweet summery red little strawberries. In an orderly grid pattern, small strawberry plants decorate the walls and remind us of summer days. A cute wallpaper that creates a country relaxed atmosphere, perfect for the summer cottage!

Mini - 43129

With the wallpaper Mini, you get a light and airy room where cute little leaves and flowers in pink, light blue and light green on a creamy white background bring life to the walls. A nice discreet pattern that lets the rest of the decor take its place and spreads a welcoming feeling in the room.

Blåklocka - 43104

Do you hear the hum of the bumblebees looking for sweet nectar? With the Blåklocka wallpaper you can almost see them flying from flower to flower on your walls. It becomes beautiful and calming when nature is allowed to move into the home in a stylish way. The calm blue-gray base color is nicely combined with soft shades of blue, yellow, green and raspberry red.


In Rosenlycka you will find the feeling of a midsummer dream. Light flowers that slowly fall down the walls. Poetic and lighthearted. Romantic and dreamy. The garden is full of swaying flowers in meadow-like flower beds. Rosenlycka reminds of the old-fashioned charm that can be found in every little corner.

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