Björn Nilsson

Olivia - 16001

On a creamy white background in the wallpaper Olivia dance lively bouquets of wild summer flowers in soft shades of grey-blue, old pink, oat, white and green. Olivia creates a feeling of a warm summer where the light never ends. Where it seethes with life in nature and smells sweetly of flowers and leaves.

Trellis - 16015

A traditional geometric pattern with a touch of romantic elegance. This typical Swedish trellis pattern flourished during the second half of the 19th century. In this reinterpretation, each square is decorated with similar, yet unique flower bouquets, creating a subtle variation in the pattern. Here you can see different shades of green decorated with white, lilac and red flowers.

Rosita - 16032

In a climbing medallion pattern in the Rosita wallpaper, each blooming rose vine with buds are carefully woven together, creating an atmosphere of stillness and tranquility. This gentle green tone on tone color scheme exudes a timeless elegance and gives the room a discreet touch of romance.

Rosdalen - 16036

Dress your walls in a beautiful wreath of roses. On a white background in the Rosdalen wallpaper, the rose branches branch out in various shades of pink and green. They grow in all directions, just like in the wild. And just as the sweet scent of the rose spreads through the air, Rosdalen spreads a homely and convivial atmosphere in the home.

Olivia Bård - 116038

In border Olivia with a light background with a discreet undertone of pink, the sweet flower bouquets are woven together into a beautiful loop that decorates the room. It becomes summery and sweet and the decorative border is easily combined with different shades of the plain Jute wallpaper.

Jute - 16017

The plain Jute wallpaper in a light beige shade gives the room warmth and the walls have a textile-like surface that softens the impression. With a light structure, the textile pattern creates a luxurious and polished feel to the room.

Rosmarie - 16005

The time of roses is here and stays all year round with the Rosmarie wallpaper on the wall. In a subtle color scheme with small sweet roses and fragile buds in gray and beige on a white background, it creates a feeling of warm, bright summer days at the cottage where there is a pleasant calm for body and soul.

Rosdalen bård - 116042

Bård Rosdalen är en undebar detalj som slingrar sig längs väggen, tak eller lister beroende på var du väljer att sätta den. Den dekorativa rosslingan i grått och beige på vit botten adderar charm och värme till rummet. Kombineras fint med den enfärgade serien Jute.

Sommarnatt - 16008

The small-flowered wallpaper Sommarnatt, translates Summer night, with gray flowers on a white background will be a cute feature in the room. Sweet little flowers dance happily over the walls and spread lovely energy while giving space to the room's other decor.

Linnea - 16011

Let sweet apple blossoms embrace your home. The wallpaper Linnea spreads warmth in a welcoming way where flowers and leaves in grey, white, beige and purple rest on a creamy white background. You get a bright and cozy room to enjoy.

Bring beautiful memories to life with Sommaräng

Dream away to a calm summer’s night, sitting on the veranda looking over a lush garden. Let the scent of freshly cut grass and wild roses fill the air around you – this is the essence of the Sommaräng wallpaper collection. Here, you’ll find Nordic floral patterns in soft, soothing colours, subtly expressing themselves in the trends of today and yesterday. Sommaräng, the collection that embraces the beauty of the garden, waking nostalgic memories from days gone by.

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