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Sommaräng – brings beautiful memories to life

April 2024

The wallpaper collection Sommaräng captures the essence of Swedish midsummer night. A collection of Nordic floral patterns in soft, muted colors that captures both historical and today’s trends. In this collection, the border makes a modest comeback in two different variations. It becomes a decorative detail in the room and combines nicely with the collection’s patterned and plain wallpaper.

A thriving collection that embraces the beauty of the garden and evokes nostalgic memories from the past.

Röd tapet med Blommigt mönster

3 colorways

Grön tapet med Blommigt, Småmönstrat mönster

3 colorways

Grön tapet med Blommigt, Medaljong mönster

5 colorways

Grön tapet med Enfärgat, Linne mönster

12 colorways

    Klara & Tove – Wild nature

    February 2024

    The wallpaper collection Klara & Tove captures the untamed and wild. Raised in the wild, or wild at heart. There is something beautiful in the untidy, where nature itself has been in charge. Weeds spreading in manicured gardens and in the wilderness.

    Behind the patterns stand two creators, Klara Hammerth and Tove Åkesson Larris.

    Lovely collection Långenäs

    November 2023

    The Långenäs Collection is a compilation of hand-painted patterns by Hanna Wendelbo. Here, Hanna has borrowed flowers and leaves from her garden and captured the feeling and shape on paper with pencil. These organic forms then transition into a pattern where every detail is hand-painted. It’s a meticulous process that takes its time but ultimately creates patterns that withstand the test of time and feel like a natural part of your home.

    Hidden Treasures – William Morris Society

    October 2023

    Hidden Treasures – A Pattern Treasure by William Morris.

    Through a unique collaboration between the William Morris Society and Midbec Tapeter, a collection of Morris patterns has been revived in the form of beautiful wallpapers. True to Morris’s style, his love for nature takes center stage in this wallpaper collection.

    Enchanting collection “Fägring”

    March 2023

    In Lina’s patterns, you often find the familiar flora and organic forms – but with a twist. Engaging with an inner mental image of a particular flower or vegetation creates a unique interpretation of it. In this way, Lina’s patterns often reside in a borderland between fantasy and reality.

    Elementary collection Elements

    February 2023

    Discover an experimental encounter between the soft industrial and the naturally elemental. In the collection, you’ll find a wide spectrum of wood patterns ranging from the lightest pine to dark-stained walnut.

    Fabulous collection Fågelsång

    November 2023

    Patterns to dress your home with to create the warmest feeling of coziness. A carefully colored collection that plays with organic shapes, flowers, and leaves.

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