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Swedish wallpaper family

Midbec Tapeter has been around for almost 50 years and the company is owned and run by Bengt and his son Per. The business plan from the beginning was to import wallpaper from Europe’s strongest brands and sell to the Swedish market. Nowadays however, the business model is quite different.

Midbec Design

2014, almost 10 years ago, we turned our eyes to our own drawing board and hired our first designer. Today we have a team of designers, constantly contributing to the Scandinavian wallpaper legacy.

It’s important for us to be able to offer hand-drawn designs with Swedish and Scandinavian influences. Our different styles and expressions open more markets, besides Sweden. The goal is simple – We want Swedish design to decorate the walls around the globe for many years to come.


Björn Nilsson

Björn Nilsson has more than 35 years of experience as a wallpaper designer. Since 2014, he has been working as a designer for Midbec Tapeter. He has previously been a designer and design manager for some of Sweden’s largest wallpaper companies.

Today, Björn works as a freelance designer for various companies with textiles, glass, ceramics and much more.

Wallpaper collections that Björn has created for us:
Skagen, Örtagård, Effect, Palma, Design, Solitaire, Annual, Kalk 1, 2 and 3, Passion, Poetry and Sunnanö.

Hanna Wendelbo

Hanna Wendelbo is a designer with a passion for flowers and her garden. Since 2017, Hanna has been working as a wallpaper designer for Midbec Tapeter.

Hanna has worked with wallpaper for 20 years and left her mark with many of Sweden’s largest wallpaper companies.

Wallpaper collections that Hanna has created for us:
Blomstermåla, Morgongåva, Apelviken, Skogsgläntan, Lyckebo, Ekbacka, Havsblick, Ängås and Grönhaga.


Lina Schnaufer

Lina Schnaufer has worked with illustration and design since graduating from the HKD design program in 2017, in everything from product design to children’s book illustration.

In 2020, Lina released her first wallpaper collection ever. For Lina, the pattern report is magic and she is often drawn to the playful and the unexpected; the perspective, the line or the color.

Wallpaper collections that Lina has created for us: Lina, Lina 2, Hjärterum and Längtan.

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