Hanna Wendelbo

Pomona - 33011

Let the pleasant wallpaper Pomona give your home a lively atmosphere. Playful pear and apple trees grow on your walls and are in full bloom. If you listen really closely, you might be able to hear the bees' contented buzzing? This pattern is available in four colorways designed by Hanna Wendelbo.

Filippa - 33005

The wallpaper Filippa with a stylish light gray background and large apricot tulips gives your home a cozy impression. Let your walls come to life with its winding and detailed pattern that lets thoughts and dreams wander back to warm spring days.

Anemone - 33002

Let large-flowered Anemone in a playful mustard yellow color scheme make your walls flourish. Anemone is a pleasant wallpaper that gives the room a lively atmosphere. The wallpaper works just as well in the kitchen as in the bedroom - which room will Anemone decorate in your home?

Apelkvist - 33018

Apelkvist in a light blue color setting gives a sophisticated impression together with its leaf pattern in a luxurious shimmering blue and silver shade. The wallpaper is included in the popular Apelviken collection, which is recognizable by its dense organic pattern in combination with the simpler and more delicate pattern images, designed by Hanna Wendelbo.

Lilja - 33027

Beige wallpaper with a small, discreet tulip pattern in white. Lilja is a lovely wallpaper with its subtle tulip pattern that gives a pleasant feeling in a cozy kitchen, or why not the living room?

Skarhamn - 33023

The wallpaper with a white background and a romantic small checkered pattern in light blue and silver. Skarhamn is a discreet wallpaper that is both timeless and sober, which makes it excellent for all rooms in the home. The pattern is available in five colorways and you can easily decide which will be your favorite by ordering a section!

Lovely wallpapers from the Apelviken collection

The wallpaper collection Apelviken inspires you to create your dream home. A homely and inviting home. The color scale is rich and has taken its inspiration from the common people both in Dalarna and in Skåne. The dense organic patterns in combination with the simpler and more delicate pattern images form the colorful Apelviken collection designed by Hanna Wendelbo.

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