Lina Schnaufer

Brittsommar - 55011

In the Brittsommar pattern, Lina's love for kurbits and decorative painting is reflected. Decorative painting has its origins in Dalarna where beautiful hand painting where you often find larger and ornate flowers and leaves with small details around in different colors. This lovely multicolored wallpaper reminds one of late summer evenings in July where the meadows are in full bloom.

Henni - 55017

In the forest, where Lina played as a child, there was a patch of bare ground where a small bunch of bluebells grew every year. Picking them was strictly forbidden, so the cousins made a sign to mark the spot. They often went there in the spring. They cleaned, raked leaves and gently touched the tender leaves. She is Lina's image of this little bundle of bluebells in the forest. Stubborn and in harmony with the foliage that slowly spread above.

Anna - 55002

The wallpaper with climbing foliage in a blue-gray shade creates a harmonious impression, even though the pattern itself is full of movement and life. Available in 7 colors.

Ulla Britt - 55030

The wallpaper with large leaves and delicious elderflowers in creamy white and gray sits so beautifully against the dark gray background. The detailed leaves and twigs give a lively impression to the wall. The dark background contributes a calm feeling to the lush vegetation. This non-woven wallpaper creates magic in a bright bedroom, living room or even a large kitchen.

Hybbe - 55023

Wallpaper with lovely flowers in yellow tones, interspersed with leaves in a compote of green shades on a creamy white background. This non-woven wallpaper appears bright and friendly and at the same time exudes a sense of nostalgia. The pattern is available in 6 beautiful colorways.

Brita - 55008

In the pattern Brita, which is basically based on the pattern Brittsommar, Lina has chosen to pick out her favorite motif from an old Röstrand plate that she found at flea markets as a youth. The green floral wallpaper climbs up the wall in a more than pleasant way and has a youthful and at the same time an old-fashioned spirit.


With inspiration from grandmother and fine flea market finds, Lina Schnaufer has created beautiful patterns that are in a borderland between fantasy and reality. The LINA collection contains colorful motifs of the Swedish flora and organic shapes with a twist.

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