Lina Schnaufer

Turi - 22024

Turi is a verdant wallpaper in muted warm green shade. The jasmine bush's tightly winding branches and beautifully growing flower clusters form a peaceful pattern with a vivid impression. With its timeless but also so characteristic charm, we see here in a restful color scheme that frames the room in a homely atmosphere.

Groh - 22003

In this imaginative pattern bluebells, red clover and rose hips hide in a sea of powdery botanicals. Shades of pink, yellow and a muted green blend beautifully against the neutral beige background of the wallpaper. Let the Groh wallpaper brighten up your home!

Lisa - 22019

The wind-flower spreads out in a beautiful and grand pattern that from a distance is perceived as symmetrical and uniform. It is only up close that the viewer discovers all the fine print details. The Lisa wallpaper with its sober color scheme in light gray and white adorns the walls of all types of homes.

Hava - 22011

A bright floral wallpaper with warm tones of pink, apricot and orange. It's impossible to avoid how an effervescent happy feeling spreads when you look at Hava, it brings to mind summer holidays and freckles on the nose. The wallpaper can create unforgettable memories in a children's room, or bring back memories for the elderly in a kitchen or living room.

Kart - 22025

Kart is an imaginative wallpaper that does not adhere to any straight lines. A wallpaper full of life that is balanced by its gentle color palette where a light gray background is decorated by bright green leaves and fresh apples in inviting yellow tones.

Brittsommar - 22009

Brittsommar in the most pleasant of colorways frames your walls with its enchanting pattern and decorative richness of detail. Here you see how soft corals, white and maroon harmonize in a green meeting. The wallpaper with its black background blends naturally into all rooms of the home.

Mandel - 77021

The color Mandel (almond) is a light gray plain wallpaper that is a little on the cold side. Depending on the light in the room, it can be perceived as more or less cold in tone. With the Mandel (almond) wallpaper, you get a neutral and calm room to put your own personal touch on.

A poetic interpretation of life

In the collection Fägring, Lina Schnaufer has worked with life and the life cycle as inspiration. Fägring is a collection about life in all its splendor and transience; about ups and downs, sprouting and maturing. Man as the seed and as the fruit on the apple tree that endures through the last autumn storm. The Fägring collection carries a poetic interpretation of life with flowers and vegetation as language and mediators. In Lina’s designs you often find the familiar flora and organic forms – but with a twist. Relating to an inner image of a certain flower or vegetation creates one’s own interpretation of it. In this way, Lina’s designs are often in a borderland between fantasy and reality – but still always close to herself and with a personal approach. She sees the pattern report as a touch of magic, where small things can quickly become big and where the smallest of nuances can change the feel of an entire home.

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