Hanna Wendelbo

Florian - 15901

A vibrant hand-painted pattern where a gray foliage falls along the wall. A wallpaper with gray leaves against a white base color gives a contemporary and classic impression. The wallpaper Florian works well in both the kitchen, living room or in a hall where it provides a pleasant transition between outside and inside.

Athena - 15916

Mint green wallpaper in a unique medallion pattern. The elegant pattern is interesting as from far away you don't see an actual pattern, when you get closer you see a subtle small pattern. This makes it easy to combine with your interior and style while adding character and finesse to the room.

Lizette - 15908

Greige wallpaper with flowers and leaves in a bit of a country style. Soft contrasts with sharp edges from the floral pattern give an interesting impression to the wall. The wallpaper Lizette complements a range of different styles and decor.

Stensöta - 15927

Botanical blue-gray wallpaper with white leaves. Did you know that the plant you see on the wallpaper is polypody, which has historically been used as a medicinal herb to treat stomach aches, fevers and other ailments? The base of this wallpaper is a light blue shade with gray influences, if you look closer you see a subtle marbling and a shadowing from the leaves.

Betula - 15933

You can almost smell the green leaf compote in the Betula pattern. This botanical black wallpaper is a real "eye-catcher", a captivating wallpaper where the contrast between green and black creates something completely unique.

Skogsgläntan brings you close to nature

Peace of mind. To sit in a forest clearing on a moss-covered stump and watch the sun wander between the tree trunks. In the distance, a bird is heard singing its quiet song. It smells of forest and I breathe deeply. The breath fills me with the energy of the forest and gives me strength and recovery.

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