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Äng - 26005

Flowers and foliage in vibrant colors such as soft ice blue, oat yellow, rust brown and cocoa rest on a black background in the wallpaper "Äng" translate Meadow. A flourishing symphony that creates harmony and joy in the home, where each flower and leaf has been carefully given its place in the pattern to intertwine and gently branch out along the walls.

Landskapsdjur - 26017

In the wallpaper "Landskapsdjur", Landscape Animals, with a softt grey-green background, you will find animal friends such as the Bohusland harbor seal, the sweet little hazel mouse and the graceful mute swan. There they coexist with several of Sweden's landscape animals, which makes the wallpaper a perfect fit for the children's room. Explore together with the slightly older children which animal belongs to which landscape or imitate the different sounds of the animals with the younger children.

Blåklocka - 26012

The bluebell is a common flower that can be seen in large parts of our Swedish nature. A summer favorite that so beautifully gilds the meadows. Let your walls shine with the Blåklocka, translates Bluebell, wallpaper and create pure euphoria. Here you can see pleasant tones in beige against a white background.

Blåbär stor - 26015

The wallpaper "Blåbär stor", translate Blueberry Large, covers the walls with beautiful foliage and lush large blueberries. The wallpaper invites you to a wonderful adventure in the blueberry forest and creates a pleasant feeling. Blåbär Stor is excellent in the kitchen, but fits equally well in the bedroom. The wallpaper has a white background with large green leaves and comes in additional colors.

Magnolia - 26007

The beautiful Magnolia tree is in full bloom on the wallpaper called "Magnolia". On a white background, the tree with pink flowers and gray leaves shoots up towards the sky and stretches its brown branches as far as they can reach. A sweet wallpaper that gives you spring all year round.

Blåbär - 26027

Bring the beautiful Swedish nature into your home. Blueberries are a big part of our Swedish welfare, so what could be better than creating a big forest full of just these juicy blue berries. Here you see pattern "Blåbär", translates blueberries, with a white background and a pattern in green and purple.

Vinbärsplock - 26018

Dress your home in a forest of currant and it will create a lovely atmosphere. The sweet or maybe sour little red berries hang on the green branches and are ready to be harvested. Wallpaper "Vinbäsrplock", translates Currant harvesting, comes in two colors, here with a white base and a pattern in green and red.

Frodas - 26011

Among the beautiful foliage and flowers, birds watch over the it's nest. The lovely natural pattern creates pure art on the wall that resembles medallions. Frodas is available in three colorways. This has a white base and goes in muted tones of green, beige, yellow and blue.

Snövit - 77012

Snövit (snow white) is a white plain wallpaper with a slight warm tone in it. The wallpaper gives a bright and crisp impression in the room while adding warmth.

Wild nordic nature in the wallpapercollection Klara & Tove

Unrestrained and overgrown. Raised in the wild. There is something beautiful in the diversity, where nature itself can decide. Weeds spreading in manicured gardens and in the wild. Bushes that should have been pruned but instead take over with long branches. Tracks in the soil from soft paws and hard hooves. Someone who has rested in the tall grass and then disappeared back into the forest.

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