Hanna Wendelbo

Pirum - 13102

The wallpaper Pirum is designed by Hanna Wendelbo and comes in five different color schemes. This wallpaper with its pattern of beautiful yellow pears and green leaves on a beige background gives the room a harmonious feeling. The wallpaper is in its rightful place in the kitchen or dining room, but looks good in other spaces as well.

Esther - 13115

The wallpaper Esther offers a beautiful pattern with its lovely poppy petals that sway lightly in the wind. With flowers in soft pink combined with a base in a slightly muted green, the wallpaper gives a lovely strain to the eye. The wallpaper looks great in the summer house!

Wilma - 13129

Wilma with its green soft tone brings a calmness into the room that calms the mind. The wallpaper is adorned with beautiful detailed tone in tone flowers and leaves in a soft shade that creates depth in the wallpaper. Wilma is available in five unique colors and was created by designer Hanna Wendelbo.

Fredrik - 13123

Green and stripes are a stylish combination that brightens up life. The wallpaper Fredrik was created by Hanna Wendelbo and is available in six different color schemes. The green stripe enlivens and becomes effective on the wall and gives a feeling of increased ceiling height. Nice in, for example, bedroom, living room, hall or kitchen.

Victoria - 13109

The Victoria wallpaper takes over and gives the wall a lovely embedded greenery with beautiful poppies and foliage. Large-flowered and showy with its fantastic color combination, Victoria branches pure joy.

Marie - 13133

Wonderful small-flowered Marie. This lovely light green wallpaper is a romantic, good-smelling summer feeling that looks great in the kitchen, in the bedroom or why not in the nursery. The fantastic hand-drawn pattern is available in four colors and is created by Hanna Wendelbo.

Victor - 13110

The wallpaper Victor invites you to a lavish summer party. Here with a light gray background with different flowers and leaves in red, beige and green. The wallpaper is available in six different colors and was created by Hanna Wendelbo. With the muted tones, the wallpaper exudes a special calmness and is absolutely wonderful.


The meadow, where the sweet blossoms are crowded with wild roses and beautiful grass. The meadow, where the pear trees bear fruit and where the fluttering petals of poppies sway in the wind. The meadow, where bumblebees and bees fill the warm and sparkling evening sun with a loud, wonderful buzz. That’s life – that’s Ängås. An inviting and heartfelt collection of harmonious wallpapers filled with life, movement, flowers and leaves.

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