Hanna Wendelbo

Poppy - 28026

The pink flowers climb so serenely together with the brown and light green foliage. We see the Poppy wallpaper a lot in children's rooms together with an embracing bed canopy, but also in the hall and living room. Fun fact: This lovely beige floral wallpaper appeared briefly in Coca Cola's 2021 Christmas advert.

Othilia - 28009

This green wallpaper creates a calm impression and almost moves between retro and classic styles. A smart combination of flourishing vintage and an eye-catching modern color scheme. These symmetrical flowers create a calming and harmonious felling in your home.

Sarah - 28016

We see a fragrant white honeysuckle together with a fairy-tale pink carnation. The lovely carnation comes in a large number of varieties and colors. You get a carnation that will always bloom. Irresistible yellow wallpaper, available in 4 other colors.

Mirabelle - 28000

Classic and rustic light wallpaper with large red flowers and green leaves. This is a wallpaper that makes it easy to introduce color to your room without taking over too much. In a subtle way, the rust-red color warms up a bare room.

Solvej - 28020

The wallpaper's flowers take their inspiration from the warmth and beauty of the sunflower. In this interpretation we see winding green stems together with smaller flowers in the background. An uplifting and pleasant design that fits in the country home as well as in the modern one.

Clover - 28022

Classic beige wallpaper with clover is in good company with the strawberry that subtly reflects a gold metallic color. You can easily match the Clover pattern with other wallpaper or install it on all walls in a room. This wallpaper works well with both rustic and old-fashioned interiors as well as modern ones.


The wallpaper collection Lyckebo welcomes you to create your own nest of happiness. Fairytale patterns inspired by a peaceful forest glade where nature’s burgeoning greenery, fragrant honeysuckle and sweet berries are allowed to sprout and flourish along the walls. With a rich color range and sweet color combinations, Lyckebo creates cozy homes. Designed by Hanna Wendelbo.

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