Lina 2


Lina Schnaufer

Kirke - 65106

Kirke is a wallpaper with beautiful leaves and berries. Decorate the wallpaper in any room that pleases. The cohesive color scheme of green, blue and gray with a touch of yellow gives the wallpaper more depth while creating a harmonious expression. The wallpaper is designed by Lina Schnaufer.

Matilda - 65110

Beautiful poppy wallpaper Matilda is one big floral dream! Created by designer Lina Schnaufer. The blue flower has a cool and invigorating effect that creates life! Soft and muted shades make this floral wallpaper perfect for the bedroom but also for the living room or hall.

Siv - 65131

Enjoy Zucchini and summer flowers with the beautiful wallpaper Siv. The wallpaper is available in ten fantastic colors, here with a beige base with a pattern in white. The wallpaper for a restful expression with genuine character. The wallpaper fits in any room and creates a cozy and harmonious feeling.

Bodri - 65115

Bodri is a wallpaper that creates emotions. The beautiful blue shade in the wallpaper, like a cooling summer night, takes you to a place you didn't think existed. The cool feeling that the wallpaper gives means that it fits perfectly in a bedroom. The wallpaper was created by Lina Schnaufer and is available in five additional colors.

Ewald - 65121

The wallpaper Ewald is a pure summer dream! Created by Lina Schnaufer. The green wallpaper gives a beautiful glow that gilds life and turns any room into a pure summer idyll. Ewald is available in five different colors, this one comes in different shades of green and white.

Ann - 65101

In the wallpaper Ann you will find beautiful flora and greenery in all its forms. Ann is a comprehensive and proud pattern that is visible but requires an alert observer to find the details. A colorful wallpaper that creates interest but at the same time a sense of calm with its dull dark blue background, designed by Lina Schnaufer.

Lina 2

In the wallpaper collection Lina II, you are invited to the house with the fruit trees around the knot, where the coffee is freshly brewed on the kitchen table and where the dewy morning slowly creeps towards the cooling summer night. There is time to settle down for a while. In this collection, Lina takes a deep dive into her grandfather Ewald’s garden. She also explores childhood memories and tries to depict the complexity of plants and life that unite between then and now.

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