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Lina Schnaufer

Edla - 83131

In the Edla pattern, we find the daisy, Närke's goldenrod, field berries from Norrbotten and Ångermanland's stepmother violet in symbiosis with each other. Open plains, green grass and lazy summer days are what the pattern Edla was inspired by.

Eva - 83124

Dress the wall with the queen of pond plants, namely the water lily. Here you see the Eva wallpaper in gray color. A light gray bottom with white water lilies, light green twisting stems and small mountain rivulets that float almost lightly in the background. Eva is available in six different colorways.

Elise - 83105

The romantic Elise pattern is inspired by many of Sweden's landscape flowers. A detailed wallpaper with a very beautiful winding foliage in beige and soft green against a white background. Elise is available in five different color schemes.

Öjvind - 83116

Create pure summer with the Öjvind wallpaper. A lovely color combination with a pattern in beige, gray and muted orange against a lovely beige background. The wallpaper gives a warm and slightly old-fashioned feeling. The wallpaper is available in several color schemes, all with a glimpse of summer.

Olle - 83110

Create a lovely genuine forest feel with the wallpaper Olle. A wallpaper in natural tones that creates a calm, exactly the feeling we want out in our beautiful Swedish forest. The wallpaper has a leaf and flower pattern that will make you stop and reflect. Olle is available in seven colorways.

Berit - 83127

If you are looking for a wallpaper with a medallion pattern that has a lovely old-fashioned touch, then this wallpaper could be something for you. The beautiful pattern Berit consists of lovely pulsatilla vernalis and beautiful wild-grown honeysuckle. The wallpaper has a light background with flowers and leaves in a light green shade.


City and countryside, mountain and valley – contradictions and fusion. In Lina Schnaufer’s wallpaper collection Hjärterum, we take a pattern journey through Sweden with the landscape flora as a starting point. Here, Bohuslän’s granite cliffs and wild honeysuckle coexist with Härjedalen’s mountains and proud mosippa.

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