Björn Nilsson

Kristina - 92117

Kristina is a pleasant wallpaper with green leaves on a darker gray-green background. With its discreet foliage, you get a more plain feel while inviting you to liveliness. The soft green color creates a peaceful calm and gives you a room for a break and relaxation.

Johanna - 92115

In various light gray shades, wallpaper Johanna, with its beautiful wild rose hip, creates harmony in the room. The white roses with a soft yellow center give a discreet but lively feeling. A wallpaper that softens the room's walls while leaving room for other furnishings.

Emma - 92123

Create a light and airy room with Emma checkered wallpaper in beige and gray color scheme. The light shades give a sober impression, while the check pattern contributes with simple, clean lines. A checkered wallpaper in a kitchen, for example, creates a classic expression but fits just as well in other rooms in the home.

Magdalena - 92135

Magdalena is a light yellow wallpaper that brings the wonderful spring and summer flowers from nature home to your walls. On a mild oat yellow base, coneflower, tussilago, cowslip and dandelion meet. Soft shades of green, yellow and pink coexist in the leaves and stems of the flowers. Magdalena creates a bright and welcoming room that provides a much-needed energy boost all year round.

Margareta - 92108

With the wallpaper Margareta, you get a lively trellis wallpaper where winding summer flowers, leaves and grass form a beautiful grid pattern on the wall. This soft color scheme in shades of gray and beige gives a pleasant and discreet impression, while the sweet summer, with daisies and clover is reminded in the pattern.

Fred - 92126

Fred is a blue striped wallpaper where the pleasant blue-gray shade and the straight lines fill the room with a simple peacefulness. Materials such as light woods, cold metals in the form of silver or steel in light neutral shades harmonize nicely with the blue color. A room with a classic stripe like Fred also combines well with other rooms wallpapered with winding flowers or discreet patterns.

Elsa - 92105

Elsa is a brown floral wallpaper where beautiful spring flowers stretch majestically in soft, pleasant shades of old pink, rust, nougat and gray. The wallpaper gives warmth and character to the room and creates a cozy atmosphere to thrive in. Let yourself be embraced by nature every time you step into the room.


The Örtagård collection is a tribute to my grandmother Elsa Nilsson. Grandma was my inspiration and taught me everything about creativity but also about plants and their uses. Her extensive knowledge of plants and nature has been a major source of inspiration for the collection’s various patterns.

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