Hanna Wendelbo

August - 27015

Hear the happy chirping of the birds on a sunny spring day when the sun brings warmth pleasantly. The wallpaper August is a bright wallpaper with small cute birds that are perched on tree branches in brown, green and gray.

Ruben - 27002

The carefully hand-painted blue trellis squares in the Ruben wallpaper liven up the room and give a happy and uplifting feeling. A classic pattern that in its simplicity creates gorgeous walls and gives life to the room. A wallpaper that fits perfectly in all rooms of the home and also beautifully ties together different rooms with more patterned wallpapers.

Vera - 27013

Let the wallpaper Vera show off its fine foliage in a classic blue color and light background. The well-composed leaves in lovely shapes and sizes create a quiet and cozy impression to the room.

Julia - 27010

With the wallpaper Julia and its sweet pattern of meadow flowers in pink, red and yellow, you are transported to a lively summer meadow. The sun's early morning rays hits your cheeks and the night's dew lies like small beautiful glass beads on the green clear petals. A beautiful wallpaper that transforms the room into a summer dream.

Sture - 27004

The discreet striped wallpaper Sture gives a cozy life to the room. Its classic pattern with gentle stripes in white and silver means that the wallpaper fits well in all rooms and nooks and crannies of the home. The Morgongåva collection is designed by Hanna Wendelbo.

Stella - 27030

Small sweet flowers in gold and white on a calm olive green background. Lovely Stella has a classic pattern that brings hope and harmony to the room through its calm colors. Regardless of whether you choose to have Stella in the kitchen, living room or the bedroom, this is a classic!

Junis - 27020

Small leaves in a sober blue shade sit together on a light background. The beautiful Junis pattern gives a harmonious impression to the room and fits in both the children's room and the kitchen. The wallpaper's tight, discreet pattern is an excellent alternative to the painted wall. Junis is available in four selected colorways, designed by Hanna Wendelbo.

Maj - 27024

All the lovely flowers of the summer in blue, purple, red and yellow adorn this dark gray background. A floral wallpaper that invites you to nature's flora all year round and suits both the kitchen and the living room. The wallpaper is available in three different color schemes, designed by Hana Wendelbo.

Morgongåva (Morning gift)

A gift, every morning. The wallpaper collection Morgongåva is a tribute to light and growth in all forms of the word. The patterns and colors give faith in the future and hope through the bright coloring and the burgeoning shapes. The wallpapers in the collection have, in several cases, borrowed their names from the months when vegetation is at its best. A wallpaper collection designed by Hanna Wendelbo.

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