Hanna Wendelbo

Mary - 34038

Mary is a classic and timeless wallpaper whose soft pattern spreads out finely on the walls. The warm and snug bottom in a dusty yellow-beige shade is decorated with bright tulips and daisies among winding leaves and stems.

Anemone - 34033

The wallpaper Anemone in a new color scheme with white and beige flowers in a warm shade against a soft, beige background. With its romantic pattern of large, beautiful flowers and playfully twisting stems, Anemone reminds us of summer's blooming flower beds. This calm but at the same time characteristic pattern gives a homely feel to the room.

Trevor - 34037

Trevor with its geometric trellis pattern with small white tendrils against a muted grey-green background makes us think of times gone by. Classic and timeless, the green wallpaper brings harmony to home and house.

Lindlöv - 34017

Lindlöv, a wallpaper full of greenery from the forest's dense foliage. This neutral and invigorating color scheme with light winding twigs forms a harmonious but lively pattern against the crisp white background. Give your home a new life and a pleasant light.

Cecilia - 34029

The wallpaper Cecilia with its pattern in warm white, powder pink and light green shades pops in contrast to the earthy green background. The wallpaper fits just as well at the dinner table as in the hall with the relaxed and harmonious atmosphere it creates.

Bernadina - 34024

Enchanted by an expressive floral pattern in a tasteful contrasting color scheme of powdery pink and softly muted green. The wallpaper's Bernadina pattern of beautifully unfolded flowers, in a sheer foliage among chirping birds, is dreamy and peaceful. Let the wallpaper contribute to an inviting and homely feeling in rooms such as the kitchen and dining area where we often hang out.

Potatis - 77016

Potatis (potato) is a brown-gray plain wallpaper that gives a soft impression in the room. A suitable color if you want to bring in more warmth with the brown and at the same time balance it out with the gray tone.

Classic and elegant wallpapers

In front of you is a collection of wallpapers that have been inspired by traditional and classic patterns. The Fågelsång collection is carefully colored to fit into large open rooms and smaller chambers. It is a play with organic shapes, flowers and leaves. Patterns to dress your home with to create the warmest feeling of homeliness. These are wallpapers that will accompany you on your walls for many years to come and create harmony in your home.

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