Lina Schnaufer

Växa - 63016

Hike together along the moonlit path or sail off together towards new adventures at sunset. With the children's wallpaper Växa, you and your child can transport yourself to beautiful fairytale worlds and let your imagination run wild. Magnificent vegetation in the form of rose hips, cherry blossoms and honeysuckle are joined by animals and magical environments. The wallpaper's color scheme with shades of blue-gray, rust, green and pink creates a cozy and cozy children's room.

Bygga Bo - 63001

Bygga Bo is a cozy children's wallpaper that easily transforms a children's room into a cozy Astrid Lindgren world. Houses and gardens in soft muted tones of olive green, oat, blue gray and rust on a light background give the room a playful and at the same time calm feeling.

Drömma - 63011

Free as a bird! Like the birds that flies freely along the walls in the children's wallpaper Drömma, your child can also feel the freedom to fantasize, discover and develop in a safe room where this is encouraged. The color scheme of different shades of gray gives a more muted impression but still spreads great joy with its magical pattern designed by Lina Schnaufer.

Midsommar - 63017

In the Midsommar pattern, the sun warms mosquito-bitten legs. A bathing suit curls along the shoulders on the way down to the water. Summer holidays and summer calm. Midsommar is a comprehensive pattern that thrives in all types of rooms that want a dose of summer all year round. With the fantastic color scheme of blue-gray, rust, green and oat, the wallpaper gives a pleasant and welcoming feeling to the room.

Kalas - 63033

Create a bright and pleasant room with wallpaper Kalas in the colors purple, white and gray. The discreet color combination means that the wallpaper fits nicely in all rooms of the home - from children's rooms to hallways or kitchens. The harlequin pattern is a classic pattern that never goes out of time and that gives the home's room character.

Flyga - 63024

Butterflies and dragonflies lightly dance along the walls to a beautiful symphony of birdsong, humming bumblebees and whistling wind that makes the leaves of the trees rustle softly. The children's wallpaper Flyga takes you and your child to a carefree place, a place of play and joy where only the imagination sets limits.

Längtan, a playful collection

In the collection Längtan (Longing), Lina Schnaufer has worked according to the themes of childhood longing, with a theme in each pattern. Längtan is a collection that contains wallpapers both for the smallest and for other corners of the home that still have a child’s mind.

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