Björn Nilsson

Frösö - 24107

A pattern filled with white and gray flowers adorns the lovely design we see in Frösö. A lively spring pattern with a neutral color choice where greenery and nature become part of your room. A greige floral wallpaper that is just as nice in the dining room, bedroom, living room as in your hall.

Klockrike - 24125

Greige (grey beige) wallpaper with flowers in white and gray. The Klockrike pattern welcomes spring with open arms and spreads the warmth of its blooming charm throughout the room. The neutral tones that follow the Scandinavian spirit allow you to be flexible with your interior if desired. Fits in all rooms of the home regardless of kitchen, living room, hall or bedroom - the choice is yours.

Östanskär - 24109

In the Östanskär pattern from the Sunnanö collection, we see old-fashioned patterns where calm and neutral colors add a cool and modern touch to the room. The wallpaper has a gray-beige background and flowers in white and gray.

Hummelvik - 24127

We see green small-flowered wallpaper in the Hummelvik design. It is atmospheric and calm, all in one and the same pattern. Our designer Björn has created a soft undulating and airy vegetation that embraces the room and gives a tranquil feeling. As simple as it is lovely.

Värmdö - 24120

Brown wallpaper with flowers in white, light apricot and gray that all go in earthy tones. Daises and lavender are embraced by cool foliage in the Värmdö pattern. The foliage in turn creates a lovely spectacle where the leafy parts lift the surrounding flowers to new levels.

The classic wallpaper collection Sunnanö

With Evert Taube’s show “Dance on Sunnanö” and this beautiful place in mind, our designer Björn Nilsson has made a very own interpretation that resulted in five fantastic wallpaper patterns. Blooming patterns influenced by the area that create a cozy feeling in the home and that spread joy with their lovely color schemes.

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