Björn Nilsson

Patina - 11924

A soft and inviting cement looking wallpaper that creates a lovely industrial feel without being too cold. With light touches of text, it gives a warm romantic feeling, perfect for any room in the home.

Ribbvägg Large - 11935

Break up the earthy palette with ebony's dark contrasts. The wide ribs of the wooden panel create an eye-catcher for your interior and invite you to a beautiful and well-balanced atmosphere. The wooden slats are 4.7cm wide with 2cm intervals.

Ribbvägg Small - 11929

A stunning panelled wood wallpaper in gray varnished oak, impossible not to love. Create a feature wall no one can miss, or why not dress up the entire room and create a soft mystery? The wooden panel is a fantastic way to create a cozy feeling in the home, and with this wooden wallpaper it has never been easier. The wooden slats are 2.5cm wide with 1.5cm intervals.

Trä - 11907

White painted oak, gives a soft and quiet impression. Harmonizing with nature, the room is filled with harmony and calm. Give your home a new life in contemporary design that beautifully blends in with the rest of the interior.

Camo - 11910

Modern but elegant. With this white wallpaper in a geometric camouflage pattern, you get a soft industrial feeling in the room. The light shades bring life to the wall without taking over.

Puts - 18100

This wallpaper with a chalk-like surface in light gray gives the room an industrial and charming look. The raw surface gives a stripped and somewhat minimalistic feeling. The wallpaper is available in a total of fourteen different color schemes, all so that you can easily find your unique wallpaper to decorate the home in. The wallpaper fits well in many rooms, for example the kitchen, living room and hall.

Ruta - 11921

Imagine grey-lacquered oak, an incredible feature wall. But it doesn't stop there, in this tribute to our beautiful nature, the wooden panel meets beautiful geometric shapes. They bring out the beautiful organic and give the wall interesting elements that immediately become part of the interior design.

Krita - 77011

Krita (chalk) is a white plain wallpaper whose shade goes in the colder direction. It is the whitest shade in the plain Kulör collection and combines nicely with the majority of our wallpapers. Thanks to the wallpaper's discreet surface structure, this wallpaper gives a more lively impression than completely smooth white walls do.

From lightest pine to the dark stained walnut

Discover an experimental encounter between the soft industrial and the naturally elemental. In the Elements collection you will find a wide range of wood patterns from the lightest pine to dark stained walnut. The collection is characterized by designer Björn Nilsson’s unique tribute to natural wood. He gives life to this noble and authentic material, which has long been a dear friend to our Swedish homes. In the collection you will find patterns with geometric elements in a wide range of cool muted tones that highlight the natural elements. Rustic concrete surfaces create a relaxed feeling that embraces the room. A matte finish combined with irregular, sweeping brushstrokes adds a cozy and lively expression, just like a whitewashed wall. The pared-down design is mixed up by a geometric camouflage pattern in a modern style.Elements reflects the inner desire for a deeper connection with nature.

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