Hanna Wendelbo

Pomona - 33011

Let the pleasant wallpaper Pomona give your home a lively atmosphere. Playful pear and apple trees grow on your walls and are in full bloom. If you listen really closely, you might be able to hear the bees' contented buzzing? This pattern is available in four colorways designed by Hanna Wendelbo.

Anemone - 33001

Let the wallpaper Anemone in a grey-beige shade decorate your walls and create a room to feel comfortable in. With its powerful pattern of winding foliage in shades of green and flowers in orange, white and grey, the colors marry each other and create harmony.      

Filippa - 44105

In beautiful May, the flower happiness creeps into the garden and many beauties begin to bloom. The wallpaper Filippa becomes the main character in the home and enchants the room with its beautiful large apricot colored tulips. The pattern marries nicely with the base color in greige.

Clover - 28022

Classic beige wallpaper with clover is in good company with the strawberry that subtly reflects a gold metallic color. You can easily match the Clover pattern with other wallpaper or install it on all walls in a room. This wallpaper works well with both rustic and old-fashioned interiors as well as modern ones.

Kurre - 44120

The squirrel is called Kurre and collects acorns. He hides them well and it is not always that he finds them. Then he gets to feast on a strawberry instead. An inviting and playful wallpaper that is perfect for the children's room. The wallpaper creates a nice balance with tones in green, pink and brown. The pattern is drawn by Hanna Wendelbo.

Ivar - 44129

Happy hares, squirrels frantically looking for acorns, birds taking a break on the forest floor, foxes looking up at the sky, on the wallpaper Ivar there is most of the beauty of the forest that makes you stop and reflect. The wallpaper has a blue-green background and an animal pattern in soft beige.

Lemona - 44117

Create a cozy place in the dining room or kitchen that makes guests want to stay longer. The wallpaper Lemona has an inviting effect and creates a satisfied feeling. The lemons are a shade of beige and have foliage that turns gray. Together, the wallpaper creates a pleasant strain on the eye.

Per - 44112

Create a cozy atmosphere for the very little ones. This wallpaper has a white background and a pattern in gray of cute animals hanging out at their homes under the trees. The wallpaper is called Per and invites you to a joyful existence. The wallpaper is available in five colors and is designed by Hanna Wendelbo.

Collection Grönhaga

The collection contains many different chapters with stories about small and big adventures for the whole family. A patterned wallpaper on the walls can help the imagination take excursions both as daydreams and as fascinating stories.

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