Floral wallpaper

A floral wallpaper never goes out of trend, there are floral wallpapers all around us. Depending on the design you choose, these trendy wallpapers can make any room look romantic, rustic or luxurious.

Time for a botanical makeover?

A florals wallpaper invites the beauty of nature and gives your home a botanical makeover. Nobody can deny that this is a popular and classic wallpaper pattern.

In our range you will find floral wallpapers such as tulips, poppies, lily of the valley, roses and peonies. The color scale is rich and atmospheric. Choose a classic and go for a green or blue floral wallpaper or dare to take the turns and dream away in a lovely mix of red, orange and yellow.

Large floral wallpaper

Large patterns bring life to the walls without overpowering the space. Keep the furniture and all other decor simple and sophisticated for an easygoing feel. Create a peaceful bedroom with a large floral wallpaper or let the wallpaper become the focal point of the living room or kitchen. Regardless, the large floral wallpaper will create a fantastic aura.

Small floral wallpaper

A small floral wallpaper is perfect for those who want to create a cozy feeling but don’t want the walls to take over. Small designs add a touch of pattern to the overall background color and form a subtle backdrop. They are often better for creating a sense of uniformity over a larger area and on small or narrow walls.

Wallpaper with small flowers in light, cool colors creates a feeling of more space.

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