7 Romatic wallpapers you will fall in love with

Creating a cozy and romantic feeling in the bedroom is not always an easy task. Here are our top seven romantic wallpapers that make your bedroom breathe romantic charm in no time.

A light and sheer base

Itsy flowers on the wallpaper, sheer textiles, and pastel colors are the details that make the bedroom light, airy, and exactly as cozy as it should be.

With the right wallpaper and clean styling, you can have a room radiating love and romance. We adore a mix of small flowers with a soft touch combined with light pastels in tone on tone.

Grand and romantic

Allow romantic wallpapers in the shape of grand patterns to become the soul of the room for an English-inspired feeling with a predominant coziness. Pick out your favorite colors from the pattern and use them within your decor. Pillows, rugs, vases, or other micaceous things will create an atmosphere perfect for romance.


Solids allow for fun decorations

Discrete, melange, matte surface – in Scandinavian colors, your bedroom will feel calm and timeless. A solid wallpaper does not equal boring. With simple but thought-through measures you can raise the coziness and create a dreamy and romantic feeling in your bedroom.


3 simple tips for a romantic bedroom

1. Embrace nature into your bedroom

Fresh flowers do not only smell lovely, but with their appealing elegance, they spread a luxurious and romantic feeling to the bedroom.

2. Homey feeling with different textures

A trick for a lively and homey room is to create differences between textures with a mix of materials. Use furniture and decor made out of stone, wood, metal, and glass combined with thin and thick textiles like leather and linen.

3. Follow your heart

By combining old finds with modern interiors you create a room with a lot of personality, welcoming you with open arms filled with warmth.

Here you can find a variety of different styles and patterns for your bedroom if you can not have enough inspo.

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