The 8 best ideas for an accent wall

An accent wall is a perfect opportunity to give your home new life, in a unique and personal way. By dressing one wall in your room with a large pattern, or colorful wallpaper you can create an interesting interior without it feeling overwhelming. In this post, you can be inspired by accent walls as well as taking part in our best tips on wallpapers suitable for accent walls.

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Accent wall with large patterns

One of the more classic accent walls is when a pattern gets to dress one of the walls. This is your chance to go for something large, take this opportunity to express yourself without it taking over the whole room. Rosa and Anemone are two prime examples of wallpapers with large patterns that will create beautiful accent walls.

A tip is to be brave and match a large pattern with a small one in the same color palette as the larger one. By using a small pattern instead of just a color you create a softer contrast between the walls.

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Solid-colored accent wall

If patterns are not your vibe, fear not! A solid-colored accent wall can give just as much expression while keeping the simplicity in your home. Here is your shot to experiment, perhaps do only half a wall or create your unique headboard? With our collection Kulör a new world of possibilities is open. With its lovely calm color palette and soft matte finish, this wallpaper creates an inviting and cozy feeling.


Contemporary Wood Wallpaper in teak

Wooden rib walls have taken over and are now a part of many homes. Makes sense as it adds a warm and inviting feeling to the room while also creating the lovely calmness of nature. In the collection Elements, there are the perfect solutions for you who want to create a rib wall as an accent wall. Choose between 6 different colorways and two different widths to find your perfect match. Quique and easy to apply.

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Bright and colorful

Dare to use colors! If you find your dream wallpaper but get hesitant due to a rich color palette, try using it as an accent wall. We understand that the room might feel messy with too many colors and patterns on the walls, but don’t let this be the reason you stay away from colors overall. Pick a wall and allow this to be a central art piece for the room. Try using a solid color or a smaller, more discrete pattern on the other walls in a calm matching color. It becomes almost impossible to have a bad day in a room filled with colors!

What’s an accent wall?

An accent wall is when one wall differs from the rest. During the last couple of years, the bounds for accent walls have been moved and we see more and more of how only parts of a wall are utilized, perhaps it stretches a bit in over a corner and sometimes even the ceiling. By not covering all walls of a room in wallpaper and patterns, you can create a dynamic without the impression being too messy.

Which wall should I pick?

When it comes to picking a wall, there are many ways to think. It is of course a taste preference but one piece of advice is to pick a wall that can become a natural focus point. It could be the first wall you see when entering the room or a bigger bare wall where it is hard finding the perfect piece of art to display. These are typical places where the accent wall flourishes, where it can be seen and heard and become a part of the interiors. In a bedroom, you can always go for the wall which the head of the bed is placed against. An accent wall becomes an extended headboard.

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