Decorate with tone-on-tone wallpaper

The trend of tone on tone in the design world has of course inspired iour interiors aswell. I understand just why! While being unique it still creates a lovley calm with use of the right tones. Here I will share a few wallpapers perfect for anyone interested in creating the tone on tone interiors in their house.

Monochromatic Murals with Subtle Contrast

Mary’s enduring design features a combination of tulips, daisies, and meandering foliage, culminating in a tranquil and soothing backdrop for the entire room. Thanks to the wallpaper’s subtle interplay of hues, the wall appears to meld into a single shade when viewed from a distance. However, as you draw nearer, the wallpaper comes alive with intricate details and captivating character.

If you paint your paneling or drawers in the basecolor or an accent shade from the wallpaper, you’ll transform your space into Sweden’s most elegant room.

Ton i ton tapet med gröngrå botten och ljust gröna tulpaner bakom en grön vas med färgglada blommor

A fairytale awaits

It feels just like stepping into a fairytale with this charming wallpaper, inspired by the happy times as a kid. A densely wooded village with picturesque cottages, sturdy oak trees, flower gardens, and all your animal kingdom friends. These hidden details are something you’ll carry with you from childhood to adulthood. Memories of walls that told stories. You have to experience this wallpaper in person to truly understand and see its message.

ton i ton tapet i en ljusgrön nyans med gröna lister

Winding Foliage

The pleasant Kristina wallpaper provides us with everything a tone-on-tone wallpaper has to offer. The perfect backdrop for your home. It effortlessly blends with the rest of your decor

Tulips and Wildflowers

A rural kitchen in all its glory, how delightful?

grå tapet i lantligt kök som går ton i ton grå och mörkgrå. Bänkskiva i marmor och djup sink.
  • Grön tapet med Blad, Blommigt mönster
  • Rosa tapet med Blad, Blommigt, Småmönstrat mönster

    • Rosa tapet med Blad, Blommigt, Småmönstrat mönster
    • Röd tapet med Medaljong mönster som går ton i ton
    • Rosa tapet med Blad, Blommigt, Småmönstrat mönster
    • Grön medaljongtapet som går ton i ton

      Subtle Lines Create Tone-on-Tone Magic

      In the image below, the light accent color from the wallpaper has been used to paint both the floor and ceiling moldings, as well as the door. A wallpaper like Wilma is perfect for those who might find wallpapers with a lot of large patterns a bit intimidating. This wallpaper allows you to dip your toes in without going all in. The pattern remains calm even though it is both large and detailed.

      grå ton i ton tapet med grå lister och dörrar i gammaldags stuk

      Why choose a tone-on-tone wallpaper?

      1. If you’re looking for a calm and harmonious atmosphere in your home, a tone-on-tone wallpaper is perfect for this purpose. Typically, the wallpaper features two shades or tones, creating a pleasing effect for the eye. You can easily achieve this style by sticking to the same color or add contrast to the room by introducing another color or shade.

      2. It’s simple! You only need to work with a couple of colors/shades, and the end result will be stylish and cohesive.

      3. The next step beyond solid-colored walls. Are you looking to move away from plain painted walls? Then this type of wallpaper is a perfect option for your next step, as it appears almost solid-colored from a distance. However, when you take a closer look, you’ll find something truly special and exciting.

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