Wallpaper for hallway

The hallway is the room that gives a first impression of our home. Through the wallpaper in the hallway, you can give a glimpse of how your home will reflect you. Perhaps you want a floral wallpaper for a romantic impression, or you are looking for a modern wallpaper in the hallway that brings to mind a stylish and clean home.

How to choose the right hallway wallpaper

A hallway is primarily a place where we store our outerwear and shoes, but not infrequently also a place where you wish to be able to sit down. The design of this room can look very different and this is something to take into account when you choose your hallway wallpaper. Different patterns and colors contribute to both how light admission, size and storage are experienced. It can therefore be difficult to choose the right wallpaper. Here you can read tips on how to decorate the hall.

Tips for creating an inviting hallway

  • Let the hallway reflect you and your interior design style
  • Adapt your hallway wallpaper according to the design and size of the room
  • Choose a pattern and color that can be combined and picked up with other furnishings
  • Dare to match two different wallpapers with each other by starting from common colors

Get the country style hallway you’ve always dreamed of

With a house in an older or country style, a hallway wallpaper in small flowers or with lots of leaves and plants in winding patterns fits in. Preferably in combination with wooden furniture, fittings and hooks in a beautiful patina. If you have a staircase that starts from your hallway, it is nice to combine a wallpaper in the stairs and one in the hallway that catch each other in one or more colors.

Wallpaper for small hallway

In a small or narrow hallway with little light, a bright wallpaper in beige, white or gray is preferable to make the room feel airier and brighter. If you want a pattern in your hallway, a striped wallpaper with vertical stripes can make the room’s ceiling feel higher. In a smaller room, an integrated storage is suitable where jackets are not hanging visibly in front, which can easily contribute to the room being perceived as messy and disorganized.

Wallpaper for larger hallways

A spacious hallway opens up the possibilities to be more daring in your choice of wallpaper. Why not invest in a floral wallpaper or large patterned wallpapers and lots of color? Through this, you create a more cozy and warm impression. How brave you dare to be is what sets the limits.

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