Kitchen wallpaper

The kitchen is one of the most central parts of our homes, a place where we spend time with family and friends. Even if the room’s function is given, there are many spaces where wallpaper in the kitchen can make it stand out even more.

Country, modern or classic kitchen wallpapers

Framing the kitchen or dining room with wallpaper gives a more cozy feeling that contributes to pleasant meals. There are many different wallpapers for kitchens depending on the type of style and feeling you want to convey.

Country wallpaper in the kitchen

Let the old harmonize with the new.

Do you dream of a rural kitchen idyll? Look through a multitude of kitchen wallpapers in country style. To achieve the country style, the wallpaper should preferably be in a classic pattern such as striped, small floral or squiggly pattern. A country kitchen gives a cozy and warm impression where the mix of old and new harmonizes with each other. Typical colors for country wallpaper are blue, linen green or light yellow. The popular Apelviken collection has all this and more.

Wallpapers for kitchens with an industrial style

When you think of industrial kitchens, your thoughts go to stainless materials, brick walls and concrete. Here, you want to keep it stripped down and simple with neutral colors. With a wallpaper that gives the impression of raw surfaces, you can easily get the industrial style you’ve always dreamed of.

In our best-selling Kalk collection you will find trendy kitchen wallpapers for an enviable result.

Wallpaper for Scandinavian kitchen

Natural materials and colors are closely linked with a kitchen in Scandinavian style. The kitchen must be inviting, stylish and classic. The Scandinavian style is characterized by light earthy colors such as beige, grey, light green and white. As a complement, you will find furniture and furnishings in natural materials. Let the walls be decorated with a palette completely in accordance with the Scandinavian style.

Do you have several favorites for the dining room? Get your hands on wallpaper samples to make your choice of kitchen wallpaper easier.

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