Beige wallpaper

Wallpaper is the most effective way to add character, warmth and energy to your home. We at Midbec Tapeter know how important it is to spend time in spaces that bring you both joy and at the same time reflect your soul.

A feeling of home with

beige patterned wallpaper

Be inspired by patterned beige wallpapers with natural influences. You will find a wide variety of patterns – geometric, textured, leafy and striped beige wallpaper. A welcoming spectrum that ranges from sand, oat and camel and is a beloved color in our Scandinavian homes. The beauty of a beige color on the walls is the versatility. As simple as it creates an impression of luxury and elegance, you can achieve an ultra-modern and chic room.

Find the right shade of beige for your walls

Do you need inspiration for a neutral color scheme for the living room, kitchen or perhaps the bedroom? Then you have come to the right place. There is nothing that adds as much character and elegance to a room as a beige wallpaper.

Grey-beige wallpaper

Or greige as it is so nicely called. A neutral focal point for both a warm beige and a cool gray. Grey-beige wallpaper is probably one of Sweden’s most loved gray colors because it is just right. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. Here you have great flexibility in your interior design, a greige wallpaper is a safe bet, for many years to come.

Sand colored wallpaper

Sink into cosy, warm beige tones such as “camel” and caramel. A sand-colored wallpaper brings with it a peaceful feeling of warmth and calm – exactly what we need when we get home.

Light beige wallpaper

You get a bright but at the same time warm and calm impression from a light beige wallpaper. A light beige wall creates a nice contrast against white moldings and opens up for both playful or minimalist interiors. Looking for a darker neutral shade? Dream away among coffee tones and earthy colors among our brown wallpapers.

Vibrant walls with plain beige wallpaper

With a plain beige wallpaper, textural surfaces and the structure of the surface layer are highlighted in a beautiful way. The soothing tone allows the eye to relax and explore the other elements of the room. It creates dimension to the room at the same time as the walls and furnishings naturally intertwine. Bring living walls to life with subtle wallpaper patterns in plastered beige chalk, linen, shimmer or texture. In the range you will find timeless neutral tones in a range of different styles and patterns.

Beige floral wallpaper

Beige floral wallpaper works very well with natural and tactile materials such as wood, stone and linen. Because the shades, as well as the motif, are closely related to colors and shapes found in nature.

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