Black wallpaper

Are you just waiting to find the perfect color to take your renovation project to the next level? The search is over, your inspiration has finally taken you all the way here, to “the dark side”.

Get inspired by black walls

A black wallpaper or decor can enhance almost any room, from a cozy home office to a spacious kitchen. Does a black wall sound a bit scary? Maybe that’s a sign you should give it a try!

You have all the possibilities with black walls. Based on style and preference, the room can be experienced very differently. If you have a floor in warm woods, this creates an inviting and pleasant vibe. If you have light floors or wooden furniture with a cold undertone, perhaps the industrial or minimalist style is for you?

Black wallpaper with pattern

It is not difficult to make a dark palette feel cosy. You have several possibilities to weave in a pattern to create additional mystery to a room. Perhaps a black patterned wallpaper in brick, marble or dark flowers is suitable to achieve this. You can play around with different surface finishes – how delicious and sophisticated are matte black walls?

Black and white wallpaper

Create lovely contrasts with a black and white wallpaper. Do all-black walls scare you? Then you can dip your toes in black and white or patterned wallpaper. You have your stripes and geometric patterns shining in this category. Black and white are a given duo, not only when it comes to interior design, but most things. Create depth in the room using the contrasts a black and white wallpaper can provide.

Black wallpaper with flowers

You can achieve completely different moods based on the background color you choose for your wallpaper. A black floral wallpaper with a light background gives a completely different impression than a floral wallpaper with a black background. Let a wallpaper with dark mysterious flowers adorn the walls.

Better sleep in a dark bedroom

If you close your eyes, the limits are endless, you create the same illusion as when you paint or wallpaper your walls black. Let the priority of the bedroom be rest and recovery. It is scientifically proven that total darkness in your bedroom is the key to a good night’s sleep. Complete darkness makes it both easier to fall asleep and that you get a better quality of sleep. Dream away in a black bedroom!

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