Red wallpaper

Red wallpaper brings to mind romance, passion and courage. The color of love works well in spaces where we hang out and socialize with our loved ones. Browse a handpicked range of red wallpapers. You will find a lovely mix of patterns, floral or plain.

Which shade of red should I choose?

For a bedroom where you want an inviting and calming feeling, a darker burgundy wallpaper is preferable. Complete with accent colors in darker greens or grays to allow the room to be a restful place of rest and recuperation.

In the home’s social areas such as the living room, a brown-red or rust-red wallpaper works really well. You create a more neutral impression and match well with both brown, beige and white. To lift the red golden tones, you can weave in decorations in gold and copper that make the room breathe romance and luxury.

Red wallpaper with patterns

Create playfulness and character in the room, dare to bet on the patterned red wallpaper. Either you let the entire room be dressed up with patterns and shapes or you supplement with plain walls that pick up the colors of the pattern.

If you are brave enough for a room with patterned red wallpaper on all the walls, choose a small pattern that is a little more discreet. For a stock wall, you can venture into larger patterns so that the wall looks like a large painting. Make sure to create balance in the room by selecting one or two complementary colors that can act as a common thread in the interior. It can, for example, be on textiles such as a carpet, a couple of pillows or curtains.

Blooming wallpaper with red flowers

Let your walls flourish in red tones. Small-flowered and discreet or large-flowered and daring. Regardless, the flowers give a living and inviting room. Let a floral red wallpaper harmonize with blue, green and pink flowers and leaves for a cozy impression. Patterned wallpaper with red accents can create a real wow factor for the hall, bedroom, kitchen or living room.

Romance and luxury with plain red wallpaper

Let the red walls invite feelings of love, energy and courage in the form of a red plain wallpaper. Choose the shade according to what you want the room to convey in terms of feeling and tell about you.

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