Yellow wallpaper

Yellow wallpaper is as stylish as it is vibrant. Regardless of whether it is a room where the base color of the wallpaper is yellow or if it is a background wall, you immediately get in a good mood.

Yellow wallpaper – an explosion of positive energy

Are you looking for a style that gives a real “pick-me-up” for your room? Take a look at our unique range of wallpaper with a yellow base or accent color. It makes it easy to decorate the room according to several styles and preferences. Yellow is the universal symbol that we often associate with optimism, joy, warmth and energy.

Yellow, a color that fits superbly in kitchens. Laying tiles can be both expensive and complicated. Therefore, wallpaper is a smart choice as you can get an effective or a relaxed impression, entirely based on your preference.

Something we love is the combination of yellow wallpaper with warm, reddish and darker woods.
Mahogany, walnut or oiled oak are floors that go hand in hand with yellow walls. The earthy tones in the wood provide a lovely contrast to the yellow colour. This tasteful combination gives you a cozy and warm impression to the home. Read about how to dare more with color.

Yellow is a versatile color when it comes to interior design. You can create completely different styles and moods depending on which wallpaper you bring in. Everything from muted mustard yellow to a background wall with a strong yellow floral wallpaper.

Decorate the walls with yellow flowers

One of the reasons why the sea is so fascinating is that the varying shades of blue go so well with each other. To create dimension, a yellow floral wallpaper is a perfect way to make the shades interact with the room. Mixing different shades of yellow creates a really lovely and lively atmosphere.

Are you afraid of wallpapering with yellow?

“Camouflage” the wall. Start with a background wall and create contrast through a nice picture wall. This helps to balance the intensity of the color and gives the room character.

Do you want to feel it out a little more before taking the plunge? Order a bunch of wallpaper samples. Then you get the opportunity to see how the wallpaper will fit in the home and with your furniture.

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