Pink wallpaper

Bring out your romantic side with a pink wallpaper. Let your walls blossom and transform into the home you’ve always dreamed of. Midbec Tapeter has a wide range of wallpapers in colors such as old pink, light pink, cerise and softer grey-pink.

3 colors that go with pink


A cooler pale pink wallpaper paired against a white chest panel creates an inviting atmosphere.


Pink fits with muted shades such as grey, white and beige. Especially in a neutral and cool tone. Together, pink and gray create a welcoming and comfortable feeling.


If you are looking for a more dramatic effect, you should bet on pink in combination with blue. Colors like indigo and pink can be used together to create a vivid room.

Plain or patterned pink wallpaper

A pink interior or pink walls can be intimidating for many. By using a wallpaper with a different base color, you can create a completely different feeling in the room. Try your hand at pink as an accent color where a wallpaper with pink flowers can influence the walls of the room. To avoid the room feeling “childish”, you can choose a pink shade with cooler gray elements.

Creating a sophisticated impression, a one-color dimensional wallpaper such as Kalk or Kulör creates an elegant aesthetic in the room.

Pink wallpaper for the powder room?

Yes, of course! How idyllic with duller pink walls and golden details? Perfect for the guest toilet where you can create a real wow feeling.

Romantic atmosphere with old pink wallpaper

Are you going to decorate a bedroom with romance in mind? Then old pink wallpaper is the obvious choice. It creates a calm as well as a cozy atmosphere. The underrated color pink is a color with multiple dimensions. With additional details, you can give the room an elegant touch, but you can also create a playful atmosphere in, for example, a children’s room.

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