White wallpaper

White wallpaper is like a timeless piece of jewelry, the walls will reflect a fresh and tidy home. A white wallpaper can be combined with any other color, style or texture. It is therefore not that difficult to understand why white wallpaper is such a popular choice in our Swedish homes.

Modern Scandinavian textured wallpaper

Of course, textured wallpaper can be gorgeous! You are probably thinking of the traditional white textured wallpaper (oatmeal wallpaper) that was popular in the middle of the 20th century. We have created new stylish interpretations of the classic that are modified to fit into our modern homes.

A white wallpaper definitely doesn’t have to be everyday, open your mind to white wallpapers with brick, chalk, stone, texture. To create dimension to the room, a white wallpaper with a light texture or a marble wallpaper fits perfectly for this purpose.

Why choose white wallpaper instead of white wall paint?

  • You create depth and a sense of originality in the room
  • Chronic miss-matcher? White wallpaper with a bright pattern is your salvation.
  • Paint requires a smoother surface than wallpaper

Be confident in your wallpaper choice

If you hold your white wallpaper samples against a white paper, you can see the differences in what at first glance looks like a neutral white wallpaper. Don’t forget to take a look in both evening and daylight.

White patterned wallpaper

White wallpaper with a white pattern can make a room feel modern and spacious without feeling sterile. It creates depth to the space while maintaining a blank base to work from. A white patterned wallpaper is universal for any room, be it for a bedroom, living room, kitchen or children’s room. A white wallpaper is a given choice if you have a small, cramped and/or dark space that needs a helping hand to feel more open and airy.

Regardless of the type of decor or accent color you choose for your room, a white wallpaper will allow the interior to shine and function to its full potential. Subtle patterns, textures and gloss give the walls a captivating dimension that will impress in any room.

Choice of bright wallpaper

Which shade of white should you choose? White wallpapers can come with several undertones such as blue, red, yellow or even green. TIP! Sunlight can affect how you perceive color tones. If you have a north-facing room with indirect sunlight, pure white colors can be perceived as colder. Then you should choose a wallpaper with warmer elements. The opposite for south-facing rooms with greater light penetration (direct sunlight), where you can opt for a “neutral white” wallpaper.

Make the bedroom, kitchen or living room feel bigger and brighter. Get inspired by Midbec Tapeter’s glossy selection of white wallpapers.

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