Green wallpaper

Many modern and classic interior styles can be complemented with a green wallpaper. Green wallpapers never go out of date and they are a clear favorite in Swedish homes.

Beautiful green bedrooms

From fairy-tale sage green to sophisticated forest green. Wallpaper entire rooms with a plain green wallpaper or fill the bedroom with meaningful patterns.

Green wallpaper: the perfect base color

In a green interior, it is possible to add many other colors without it feeling cluttered. Wallpaper in green works well with so many different colors, both neutral and colorful. The color in this way is seen as versatile and easy to work with. This is precisely why green works very well as a basic or base color in many of the home’s rooms.

Cold or warm green?

A green wallpaper that shifts in blue or gray is a popular choice in the bedroom. For an even more inviting feeling, you can bet on a warm olive green or moss green shade. Whether you want a wallpaper in mint green or a darker moss green wallpaper, you will find it all in Midbec Tapeter’s green wallpaper range. Get more inspiration for how to dress the walls in green here.

Invite a relaxed interior style and choose green wallpapers, in patterns or neutral shades. Find your wallpaper that complements your style and your home.

Why green walls put us in a good mood

The color green is associated with having a calming effect on both body and soul. It restores energy and symbolizes growth and life. A green wallpaper adds all the qualities you want a home to radiate: warmth, comfort and calm.

After a busy day, what could be better than coming home to a green oasis and just relaxing? In your bedroom, kitchen or hallway: the stress of the day will fade away. Surely it is charming to bring in plant life and foliage on the walls? It is perfect for those who like interior design with elements close to nature, warm colors and types of wood.

Do you dream of being close to nature? With green, vibrant wallpaper, you get close to forest and nature, every day. Trees, flowers and leaves are just some of the patterns that can give a room a timeless charm.

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