Brown wallpaper

For a cosy, warm and natural feeling in the room, brown wallpapers are just right. Brown wallpaper brings to mind the forest and its trees and trunks, something that makes us calm and peaceful. The color gives a sober impression and fits well in the office, bedroom or large living room.

How to match your brown wallpaper

The earthy tones have long been a trend factor and seem to remain so. Brown is an extremely grateful color that goes well with many different colours. Both if you want them to match or create a greater contrast, we have the brown wallpapers you are looking for.

Trendy brown wallpaper meets pastel tones

A color combination that you might not think of at first glance is pink and brown. As an accent color for brown wallpaper, the pastel pink tones work very well. Together, they create a soft and inviting feeling. For a more modern feel, feel free to add furniture and decor in wood, both light and dark preferably in a mix to make it more alive. If a more romantic impression is sought, you can add lace, velvet and glass details.

Brown wallpaper with pattern

Invite elegance and playfulness to the room through brown wallpaper with gold, let the room breathe luxury. Feel free to complete with golden interior details and soft furnishings in the form of velvet and billowing curtains. If you are bold in your interior design but still want calm walls, brown wallpaper with a light pattern is a good choice. The walls get an exciting expression without taking over the room.

Bring the forest into your home with green and brown wallpaper

With colors close to nature, harmony spreads in your home, which results in increased well-being. When you bring in colors from the forest’s swaying firs in the form of brown and green, a place of tranquility and recovery emerges. Decorate the walls with brown wallpaper with gray elements or wallpaper with wooden panels in brown. Let the decor go hand in hand with the wallpapers in the form of stone, wood and wool.

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