Gray wallpaper

Gray wallpaper, a color that works well in all rooms, light or dark, large or small. Instead of the long-popular white-painted walls, we now want to bring in a cooler feeling at home, something that you achieve with a gray wallpaper.

Decorate the walls with light gray wallpaper

Does the step from white walls feel a little scary? Then a light gray wallpaper is the perfect choice. The walls maintain a neutral and modern impression but with a more cozy feel. The light gray color fits well in all rooms, especially smaller rooms that require their own light and space.

Light gray wallpapers are available in many different designs and look very nice in a surface with a texture or chalk-inspired look. Let a gray wallpaper take up space in the kitchen and match it with black furnishings and details in zinc, brass and tin for a modern, industrial style.

How you choose the right shade of gray

Decide what feeling you want to create in your room and choose the tone of your wallpaper accordingly.

Gray with warm tones

A warm gray wallpaper that has tones of red and yellow creates a cozy room. Warm gray wallpapers go well with warm colors and materials such as brown and red and materials in gold and brass.

Gray with cold tones

A cold gray wallpaper has tones of green and blue. Cold gray wallpapers give a stylish and sober impression. Let colors such as blue and white be combined with silver and chrome.

Gray wallpaper with beautiful patterns and flowers

With a gray wallpaper with patterns or flowers, you let the walls tell the feeling you want your home to convey. Wallpaper with a gray pattern gives the room life and character. Let wallpaper with a lot of patterns, preferably in combination with colors other than grey, dress up the large rooms and let them harmonize with simple furniture with straight lines and neutral colours.

Are patterns in the form of beautiful gray wallpaper with flowers what attracts you? Choose a light gray wallpaper with small flowers for the small room where the walls cannot take up as much space. If the surface is available, dare to choose large floral and darker shades of gray that allow the wallpaper to play a central role in the room. A lovely color combination is grey, silver and white.

50 Shades of Decision Anxiety?

Just as with gray paint, the shade of the wallpaper can change slightly depending on the colors of the interior and the location of the room. Factors such as how and when the sunlight seeps in play a role. Visit a shop to see the collection or order wallpaper samples for the absolute best results. Don’t forget to look in both daylight and evening light.

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