Bedroom wallpaper

Wallpaper in the bedroom is a match made in heaven. This is the room where we spend the most number of hours, and the majority of those hours asleep. The bedroom should function as a calm oasis in the eventful everyday life, a room for rest and recovery. Get inspired and find the right wallpaper for the bedroom.

A feature wall in the bedroom

Do you want a quick change? Then a foundation wall is perfect! The best location for a background wall in the bedroom is behind the bed, this is because the room will feel somewhat larger and more spacious. A plain wallpaper can be good to start with if you feel unsure about wallpapering the entire room. Complete the remaining walls for a more holistic feel.

Wallpaper for a country bedroom

There are many ways to go when it comes to the country style for the bedroom. Are you looking for a traditional country feel? Or do you want a more sensational wallpaper? Regardless of whether you live in a cottage in the country or just want to create a cozy country feeling in the bedroom, there are wallpapers for both purposes. Find the wallpaper that encapsulates the rustic charm and warmth of your home.

Tips for creating a country style feeling in the bedroom

  • Give old and rustic furniture a new life
  • Use materials such as rattan
  • Find decorations that pick up the colors in the wallpaper
  • tone down color choices

General advice on how you can think about wallpaper for bedrooms

When planning bedroom wallpaper ideas, keep things as restful as possible, choose a wallpaper that calms you or it will be distracting. Similarly, you should avoid invigorating colors such as yellow and red, as they will be too stimulating to allow for a good night’s sleep.

The choice of bedroom wallpaper tends to end up with calmer patterns and cooler shades. The walls of the bedroom play a big role in creating a feeling of coziness and harmony in the room and with wallpaper on the walls the room gets a more cozy feeling.

5 fave’s for the bedroom walls

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