Wallpaper office and study room

The wonderful thing about decorating the study at home is that it is yours. The boss has no say because you are the boss here. Make the home office the room you want to be in, not have to.

The room for business, ideas and problem solving

Office, study or hobby room, whatever you want to call it. A more or less frequently used room in our homes, and often it also has several functions. In many of the cases, the office is also used as a guest room. Depending on the function of the room and the level of creativity going on there, it affects the choice of wallpaper. For a room with multiple purposes, a more sober wallpaper can create a more flexible room, while a room where creativity should flow may need a more impactful wallpaper.

Create a space that gives you creative and productive fuel for the entire working day. A close-to-nature wallpaper (marine or forest motifs) can promote a calm and clear mind, while a geometric wallpaper can help enter the analytical zone.

Cozy home office with wallpaper

Most of us spend around 480 minutes at work, every day. Regardless of whether you work at home or at a workplace, that’s a lot of hours. Why not make these hours a little extra comfortable and enjoyable?

Create a room where inspiration and motivation can flourish. Put the sterile office look behind you and invite color and pattern into your new workspace. Here, only you set limits for how the home office should feel. Furnish a cozy work corner, modern office in Scandinavian style or with a rustic library feel. Let the wallpaper in your office reflect where you want to be in your career.

Inspiration for your new home office

Our best decorating tips for the office (apart from wallpaper of course!) is to invest in stylish storage solutions. An organized workspace allows you to focus on what’s important.

Smaller rooms with poor/no light are often used as home offices. Then it is especially important to brighten up, bring in color and give life to the room. Let the walls breathe in the Nordic flora and vegetation, see our selection of flowers and leaves.

A safe card for your work room…

is get samples of the wallpaper to your home. You can see how the colors will fit in the room and you get to feel the quality of the wallpaper. We know after almost 50 years in the industry, that it is the best solution for you to feel completely satisfied with the end result.

Try wallpapering in the wallpapering tool to see which wallpaper would suit your office. Create the study room you’ve always dreamed of, the room that matches your goals and ambitions. Browse through over 1,500 inspiring wallpapers, let Swedish craftsmanship decorate the walls of the home office you’ve always dreamed of.

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