Wallpaper for living room

Wallpaper is a great way to give your room a unique touch. The possibilities are endless, no matter what style you have in mind. Country, retro, romantic or minimalist? You will find the wallpaper that matches your vision with us.

The place where we relax

The living room is the place where we relax, where we can throw our feet up on the coffee table and sink into the sofa after a long day at work. It is also the room where we hang out with family and friends, eat, watch TV and read. We would like it to be a personal room that reflects who we are. When decorating a family room or living room, there are a few things you can keep in mind. The size of the room, the color of the floor and the floor plan are all decisive when styling or decorating.

What color for the living room?

Are you looking for wallpaper for your living room? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our most popular color schemes for the living room are grey, green and white.

Bright wallpaper for the living room

Whether your living room is large or small, open-plan or oblong, there is always a delightful bright wallpaper that is just right. Create an open feeling in the living room with wallpaper.

Dark wallpaper for the living room

Build up mystery and elegance in your living room with a dark wallpaper. Colors like black, dark blue and dark gray create something completely unique, breaking the norm. A muted background can give your space a cozy feel and create a cozy room to relax in. Do you like art and posters? A black or dark living room wallpaper highlights this effectively.

Feature wall in the living room

Are you looking for wallpaper ideas to give your living room something out of the ordinary? If you’re thinking of displaying pictures and paintings in a living room, one way to really make it sing is through vibrant wallpaper. You get a lovely contrast to the colors in the artwork.

Charming and cozy living room

Are you thinking about renovations? Check out a varied selection with bold to subtle patterns. Find a living room wallpaper that matches your style, wide range of stylish living room wallpapers at Midbec Tapeter.

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