6 Trends in Color & Wallpaper for 2024

Wallpapers 2024

Here, we present the latest wallpaper trends for 2024! In this post, we will reveal the most recent and inspiring trends that will dominate homes and interiors in the coming year. From bold color choices to innovative wallpaper patterns – join us as we speculate about the world of interior design in 2024.


Pink and Light Terracotta

In 2024, pink and terracotta offer a fresh interpretation of elegance in the realm of interior design. Pink takes on a sophisticated tone with shades like blush and dusky pink, creating a modern and romantic feel. Terracotta, in warm and deep rust tones, provides an earthy connection to nature and establishes a warmly welcoming atmosphere. These colors become key elements for creating balance and harmony in the home and are definitely at the forefront of interior trends for 2024.


Personal and Playful

Isn’t life too short for an ordinary home?

Turn your home into a place that reflects your personality and spreads joy every day. The ordinary doesn’t have to be the norm; based on your wallpaper choice, your home can become a creative space where you express yourself. Dare to create a home that is not just a place to live but a source of energy and joy. So, unleash your imagination and let your home become a mirror of your zest for life.

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Green rooms

Green, the color that symbolizes calm, harmony, and nature, continues to be a dominant force in interior design. Shades like muted forest green, mint green, and emerald green take center stage in homes, creating a sense of natural elegance.

So, if you want to be on trend in 2024, embrace green in your interior projects and create a haven of tranquil harmony in your home.

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Warm and Earthy

Create a cozy atmosphere with warm and earthy wallpaper shades. Inspired by nature’s rich palette, these color tones embrace your home with a soothing sense of comfort. From rusty terracotta to soft sand beige tones, these wallpapers let you embrace the simplicity and beauty of everyday life.

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Classic Wallpapers from William Morris

Despite it being over 100 years since the iconic English designer William Morris passed away, his patterns continue to influence our homes today. With Hidden Treasures, a series of Morris sketches has been faithfully recreated. This has been made possible through close collaboration with the William Morris Society.

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Neutral Monochrome

There is a significant difference between a painted wall and a wallpapered wall. A monochrome wallpaper with a matte surface captures light in a captivating way and imparts a calm and cozy character to your walls. A subtle pattern adds dimension to the walls and allows you to be creative with your décor.

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